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Surprising performing shows for our artisans!

Surprising performing shows for our artisans!

February was a month full of surprises at Artisans Angkor! Indeed, our artisans were happy to receive the visit of two groups performing shows especially for them: two clowns doing a funny show tour in Asia stopped at one of our rural workshops, and one band of female dancers/drummers coming from Madagascar to do a Southeast-Asian tour of “Batucada” (drum concert) that came at the Angkor Silk Farm. What a way to start the new Chinese year!



Clowns do not exist in the Cambodian culture so when the artisans of our rural workshop gathered for the occasion in an empty space of the workshop discovered a woman and a man dressed up in clowns walking into the workshop, they could not believe their eyes.


clown-show-2During the whole clown show, the smile didn’t go off the artisans’ face. The poetic and funny performance also featured a musical part as the clowns played the harmonica, the clarinet and more unusual instruments like the didgeridoo and the shruti box – an Indian harmonium. Exclusively expressing themselves with their body, instruments and onomatopoeia, those artists found a way to overcome the barrier of language in order to share their passion and communicate with people no matter their nationality.

By coincidence the two clowns happened to be artisans specialists of stone and stained-glass. After twenty years of work in the craft sector, this French couple decided to have a break going on a road trip through Asia offering their show to charity and socially responsible organizations.


A few days later, a different but as captivating show was awaiting the artisans. A band called Bloco Malagasy offered an amazingly energetic concert to the artisans of the Angkor Silk Farm. They beat the drums in a Brazilian style called Batucada, smiling, dancing, and mixing their own Malagasy culture with the Brazilian. This music gave dynamism to the whole audience, no matter their nationality.

Bloco Malagasy is a band of young girls coming from underprivileged neighborhoods of Madagascar, whose performance aims at raising awareness towards human rights (child rights, access to health, women empowerment) through cultural exchanges. The band belongs to Agua de Coco NGO ( that has been striving against child exploitation since 1997. Like Artisans Angkor, Agua de Coco focuses on education as a major tool to help improving life conditions of local populations.

Combining poetry and solidarity, those two shows offered wonderful time to the artisans.

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