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Quality Control Sessions

Quality Control Sessions

A quality environment for a quality work

On March 1st, 2013, our Quality Director and our Quality Coordinator went to the woodcarving and silver plating workshops located in Kor Kranh, a village located in the countryside of the Siem Reap province. The purpose of their visit was to discuss with the artisans about health and safety matters. The discussion between the Quality and Sustainable Development team and the artisans – translated both in Khmer and sign languages as some of the craftsmen of these workshops are deaf and mute – focused on essential points, such as the importance of having healthy habits (e.g. washing one’s hands before eating) and keeping in mind the basics of safety at the workplace.

Quality session

Those kinds of sessions are regularly organised in order to ensure that our craftsmen and women, particularly those who work in remote rural locations, are aware of all the habits that can improve their well-being in their working environment of course, but also in their daily life, as health, hygiene and safety should be their primary concern.The artisans were therefore given useful hygiene tips to keep their workplace clean and tidy.

During this meeting, the Quality team reminded the workers about the importance of safety measures. The question-and-answer session with the audience was meant to make the artisans recall what they learned during the previous sessions about the behaviours to adopt in case of emergency: how to use fire extinguishers, where to gather in case of an accident, how to protect oneself from dust or flying debris… These are part of the questions which were asked to the artisans to check their awareness on those matters.

The Quality team also explicitly acknowledged the excellence of the work carried out by our employees, insisting on the fact that the high-standards of quality that the artisans comply with are Artisans Angkor’s trademark. This quality is an essential point to bolster the company’s growth and to maintain the employment of the 1300 people who work for Artisans Angkor.

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