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Newsletter October-December 2014

Newsletter October-December 2014

Launch of ceramic collection


We are pleased to announce that the very first ceramic collection of Artisans Angkor has now been released. This new line of products features elegant tea and salt & pepper sets, stylish vases, amazingly cute lamps, candle holders and so on.



Artisans Angkor recently started to revitalize this truly authentic Khmer craftsmanship that is ceramics. This craft has existed for thousands of years in Cambodia and was traditionally used by the Royal Family. This new expertise of Artisans Angkor enabled us to offer new trainings and employment opportunities to young rural people.



A workshop especially dedicated to ceramic was built by Artisans Angkor a few kilometers from Siem Reap downtown. It took about six months to be built and it takes into consideration our employees’ safety and well-being, notably by optimizing natural ventilation and lighting.



Ceramic is a new expertise at Artisans Angkor; therefore a training in that new skill had to be set up. Nine young Cambodians learned how to master the specificity of ceramic craftsmanship during six months.


This craftsmanship is now part of the guided tour offered in Artisans Angkor workshops. Come and learn about Khmer ceramic during your next trip in Siem Reap!


Launch of men’s collection


For the first time in the history of its collections, Artisans Angkor released a line dedicated especially to men. It features sophisticated accessories that were designed for chic and trendy males: soapstone cufflinks, wood and lacquered canes, stone cigar ashtrays, etc.

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Almost all pieces of the collection result from the combination of various craft materials mastered by our artisans, such as wood mixed with soapstone, lacquer with soapstone, silver plating with soapstone. That mix of materials gives an original touch to this brand new line of products.


Certificate Awards Ceremony


In September, a ceremony took place in front of the building of Artisans Angkor to celebrate a great achievement: the graduation of over 100 apprentices who officially became craftsmen and women. Artisans Angkor is deeply involved in its mission of economic integration through education and training.



Volunteers to clean the city


In September, over sixty employees of Artisans Angkor decided to become volunteers to clean Siem Reap: they gathered their efforts to remove all garbage from the streets of the city. This event was part of a worldwide initiative called ‘Clean Up the World’. Artisans Angkor is deeply committed to actions promoting sustainable development.






Artisans Angkor awarded by the Good Design Awards


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During fall 2014, Artisans Angkor had the great honor to be awarded by the Good Design Awards (Mekong Design Selection) organized by the ASEAN-Japan center in collaboration with the Japan Institute of Design Promotion (JDP). This award aims to promote high-quality craft products made in the countries around the Mekong to the Japanese market, and to protect traditional handicrafts of the region.


Opening of a new child daycare center


In October, Artisans Angkor opened a new childcare center next to one of our rural workshops. Like the other four daycare centers of Artisans Angkor, it is open during working hours and is supplied with games for kids. A caretaker supervises the children at the center while their parents are at work. Our workers and their families’ well-being is at the core of our mission.



3950 hours…



That’s the number of hours that were necessary to produce by hand this majestic lacquered folding screen called ‘The Romance of Rama & Sita’. It is a truly unique piece in Artisans Angkor’s collection as it is an original creation that will not be reproduced. Working on this masterpiece was quite demanding: 3950 hours of hand production represents over one year and a half of work!

The whole painting which is 180cm high and 210cm wide, was totally made by hand and finished with real gold leaves. It depicts a romantic scene inspired by the Ramayana, one of the great Hindu epics: Rama is helping his wife Sita to fall asleep by playing music in collaboration with Devadas.

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