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Newsletter July – September 2015

Newsletter July – September 2015
`Thanks to your support, Artisans Angkor contributes to the preservation of traditional Cambodian Arts & Crafts and helps alleviate poverty in the Siem Reap province through the development of fair employment opportunities in the handicraft sector. `

Our creations

Launch of the elegant ceramic Lotus collection

Lotus new ceramic collection

discover our new ceramic collection called lotus

Artisans Angkor has added one more line to its collection of ceramics, this traditional craft that we recently started to develop. Let us introduce you to the Ceramic Lotus Collection! Like the other line that we previously released, the Lotus collection features tableware and decorations that are made of porcelain.

It has two great specificities: each piece is gold‐rimmed with pure gold and features very unique reliefs that recall the shape of lotus flowers petals. As all our products, this new line was skillfully handmade by our talented artisans. Don’t hesitate to have a long look at this elegant new collection on our web catalogue.

Discover it HERE

Our core values

Protect our employees` health and safety

Protect employee`s health and safety to guarantee good conditions of work

Our artisans’ health and safety is our main concern, which is why we particularly value our partnerships with A.I.R. Khmer in addition of the health insurance we provide.
A.I.R. Khmer is a foreign volunteer medical association that consists of a group of specialists, such as pulmonologists, dermatologists, dentists, and gynecologists, who have been following up our employees’ health through consultations in several of our workshops, twice a year since 2009.
Besides, twice a year, in collaboration with the Cambodian Red Cross, we organize first‐aid training sessions to ensure the safety of all workers, particularly in remote rural workshops. In early June, 35 of our artisans and employees exercised their first‐aid skills under the supervision of two Red Cross trainers who came to our main sites. Those practical classes regularly take place in order to teach our “safety people” how to react
quickly and efficiently in case of emergency, whether they are at work or at home.


Our projects

Artisans Angkor decorates Siem Reap international airport`s extension

Siem Reap Airport decorated with Bayon lacquered face Siem Reap Airport decorated with sandstone Apsara dancer


What a great honor it was to be selected to decorate the extension areas of Siem Reap international airport!

This extension project was planned in anticipation of an increasingly high number of international visitors expected to come to Cambodia in the future. If you happen to land at Siem Reap international airport, you will see three of our most impressive pieces:
- An impressive lacquered sculpture depicting a serene smiling face similar to the famous face towers of the Bayon temple at Angkor,
- A graceful Apsara, a celestial nymph and symbol of Cambodia, made from a single block of sandstone,
- A mock‐up of Angkor Wat made of bronze which reproduces this great monument at a scale of 1:770. On your way to leave Cambodia through Siem Reap airport? Let our long fresco painted in orange and ornamented with bronze say goodbye for us. This awe‐inspiring work of art, called “Travelling through times”, represents the evolution of means of transportation in Cambodia along with famous urban sceneries of Cambodia.

Also, don’t miss the eleven sandstone statues located in the garden that face that fresco: nine of those statues are the exact reproduction of Kor Ker temples specimens!


 Our partnership with CDFG Mall in Siem Reap

Artisans Angkor has a new partner in Siem Reap


Artisans Angkor extended the number of its retail outlets by opening a new store at CDFG, a trendy new shopping center recently created in Siem Reap. Thanks to this partnership, we can show our artisans’ traditional Arts & Crafts skills to more visitors.


Initiating our artisans’ kids to silk & crafts

initiating artisans children to silk and crafts

having fun while initiating the children



Artisans Angkor’s aim to empower people through education not only applies to our artisans but also to their children. That’s why during the month of July we organized two activity sessions especially dedicated to
the artisans’ children in order to make them discover their parents’ work – handicrafts – through wood painting, silk painting, and creative silk sewing.
Several dozens of children took part in this silk & craft initiation organized in the rural workshops where their
parents work. Most of them discovered for the first time painting and sewing, and were amazingly diligent
during these activities. The best thing is that it seems that both parents and children had a lot of fun!


Caring for the environment

caring for the environment during plastic free July, cleaning the city of Siem Reapcaring for the environment during plastic free July, cleaning the city of Siem Reap


During this summer, Artisans Angkor was really pleased to join two environment-friendly actions.

In July, we took part in Plastic Free July (PFJ), an initiative started three years ago in Australia, which has then expanded in 70 countries. PFJ brings awareness on how much plastic is used in daily life, and encourages people to stop using single‐use plastic items. In that respect, every July, participants are asked to refrain from using too many plastic bags, straws, and bottles; in addition to this, they are requested to keep and collect the plastic items they used during the month.
Several volunteers from Artisans Angkor took part in the 4th edition of PFJ by collecting their plastic trash and by bringing it to a general gathering at the end of the month. Besides realizing how much plastic people actually consume in a month, it was great to learn more about PFJ’s partnerships with environmental NGOs such as Rehash Trash that makes rugs, bags or even hats out of used plastic bags.
In August, we got involved in the first edition of the Cleaning day organized by Siem Reap municipality. With many other local organizations, we took part in this big event which consisted in collecting rubbish in the streets. This Cleaning Day aimed not only at removing trash from sidewalks, but also at raising awareness on the important issue of littering.
We are proud to contribute to such environment‐friendly actions!


Our participation in Chinese exhibitions

Artisans Angkor at the silk road exhibition in China, at World Travel Fair and China Import Exhibition


Artisans Angkor was pleased to participate in three events that recently took place in China. The first one was the World Travel Fair, which occurred in Shanghai in the presence of Cambodia’s Minister of Tourism, H.E. Dr. Thong Khon. This event was a great opportunity for us to show our work and explain our social mission to the numerous Chinese travel agencies attending this 4‐day fair. The second event was the Silk Road Exhibition in Xi’an, during which we promoted traditional Cambodian handicrafts by exhibiting parts of our silk, jewelry, and stone carving collections. The third event called “the China Import Exhibition” took place in Kunshan.


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