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Newsletter July-September 2014

Newsletter July-September 2014

Artisans Angkor’s new ”Fans & Umbrellas ”collection

Fans & UmbrellasFor year 2014-2015, Artisans Angkor’s artistic department wanted to remain loyal to its roots by giving its products a truly ‘Cambodian touch’ but in a less traditional way than before. That’s how the “Fans & Umbrellas” collection came into being.

Traditional Khmer Fans & Umbrellas were quite important symbols in the Angkorian era: many Angkor temples feature historic scenes on their walls’ bas-reliefs on which those elegant fans and umbrellas can be seen.

Traditionally, only ancient Angkorian kings had the privilege to be surrounded by those attributes carried by their people standing on the floor. It is said that the level of importance of a character could be assessed by the number of fans and umbrellas surrounding him.

Moreover, legend has it that the sign that showed a ruler’s defeat in battle scenes was the breaking of his umbrella shaft.


Cushion Fans & UmbrellasThe Artisans Angkor’s Fan and Umbrella line fits our approach of reinterpreting some important symbols of the Khmer identity in a unique way. Originally, those attributes were hand carved on sandstone blocks that formed the wall of the ancient temples, but in our new collection, unexpected materials were used to represent them: lacquer and silk.

All our lacquer pieces are obviously made with a health- & environment-friendly lacquer in compliance with international standards.

If you want to see more of the “Fans & Umbrellas” line, please see this link:


A new silk clothing collection for women

Zipper-combi silk Our new collection 2014-2015 also features a brand new line of elegant and modern silk clothing for women. In line with the evolution of style that was started these last years, those new items proudly show that silk can be worn in any occasion, whether you need a classy outfit for a formal event or a simple top for an everyday use.

Princess Skirt Silk

This new line plays with materials as some parts of the clothing were made from light and trendy organza silk whereas others were produced from classy fine or raw silk.

The designs are superb and the material is top quality; don’t hesitate to take a look at our online catalogue:



 Red Cross first-aid training – Safety at Artisans Angkor

In August, two experts from the Cambodian Red Cross came to Artisans Angkor to train 22 of our employees (guides, sellers and chiefs of workshops) in first-aid gestures. Training began with an informal test to assess the participants’ current knowledge about first-aid. It then continued with the trainers explaining the behavior to adopt in case of emergency, such as heart failure or hemorrhage. The speech was followed by role-playing.

first aid training

This training is part of the actions undertaken by Artisans Angkor to ensure the safest working conditions possible. Artisans themselves play an important role in ensuring each other’s safety. Our “safety people” are most of the time chiefs of workshops; they are regularly trained in safety matters such as first-aid actions mentioned above and also in the use of fire-extinguishers. This is made possible thanks to partnerships with the Cambodian Red Cross and the fire brigades of Siem Reap. Printed cards reminding first-aid gestures with texts and drawings are also available in every workshop.

first aid training One “safety person” is responsible for 20 employees, which makes the company in compliance European standards. His or her role is to complement the medical team by dealing with everyday incidents and emergencies. First-aid boxes that are installed in every workshop are freely accessible under his or her control and their content is renewed every 15 days. Those boxes provide valuable assistance for general medical monitoring.





Artisans Angkor’s partnerships in China

Artisans Angkor continues its actions towards international expansion. After the success of our participation to an exhibition in Nanning, south of China, we are pleased to announce that we will soon be part of an upcoming exhibition in Xian.

China Expo 3 - edited

In partnership with the Cambodian Ministry of Commerce, the organization called “China South City” is in charge of the selection process of the best Arts & Crafts producers in all ASEAN countries. Artisans Angkor was selected especially for its silk, stone and wood carving, and jewelry collections.

China Expo 1 - edited

A training session for Artisans Angkor’s guides

Guide training

One of the specificities of Artisans Angkor is to offer international visitors free guided tours into its craft and silk workshops. Our guides, who speak English, French, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese and Korean, try their best to warmly welcome each nationality of visitors in their own language whenever it is possible.

In order to improve their soft and hard skills, a training of the guides has been set up thanks to a partnership with a volunteer association called Planète Urgence. This training session aims at improving the quality of service we offer to our visitors as well as the quality of information delivered during the guided tours. Artisans Angkor is one of the only companies in Cambodia that offers regular training sessions to its employees.



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