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Artisans Angkor in Singapore’s TANGS store!

It’s been a couple of months now that Artisans Angkor had the great opportunity (and immense pleasure!) to have its pieces displayed in the distinguished TANGS store in Singapore ( – which offers a wide range of local and international upmarket labels, designer brands and luxury items. That marks Artisans Angkor’s step further towards international development.

TANGS store was established in 1932 and is one of the most famous, biggest and easily recognizable department stores in Singapore, and even in Southeast-Asia, because of its iconic Chinese styled roof.  It is located on the prime shopping district of Orchard Road, which like the Champs-Elysées in Paris or the 5th Avenue in New York, offers countless high-end malls shopping and entertainment activities to its visitors.


On the occasion of the opening of a special area called “Heritage” dedicated to top-end craft pieces from Asia, Artisans Angkor had the privilege to be selected by TANGS to display its lacquer and silk pieces.




Artisans Angkor’s cushion covers awarded by the Unesco and displayed in the « Heritage » space of Tangs store. 

Volunteer doctors at Artisans Angkor.

They usually come twice to four times a year to Artisans Angkor in order to follow-up our artisans’ health. They are the dentist, lung specialist, gynecologist and dermatologist from the French medical volunteer organization A.I.R. Khmer who has partnered Artisans Angkor since 2009.

AIR Khmer doctors 2In January and in March, they came twice to examine dozens of craftsmen and women from all Artisans Angkor’s workshops who requested it. Some further examinations were asked and doctors came back a month later to interpret results and prescribe treatments if necessary.

This association which is mainly specialized in respiratory problems of children and adults also works in cooperation with local doctors in hospitals, pneumology care centers and other medical associations in Cambodia. Thus, this year they also did a training session on the maintenance and use of oxygen masks at the provincial hospital of Siem Reap.


Since its creation, Artisans Angkor takes great care of its employees’ healthcare through the availability of a permanent doctor and nurses regularly visiting all workshops, and through the 24/7 medical insurance it provides them. In addition to that, the partnership with A.I.R. Khmer Association enables specialized treatments. It is truly important to Artisans Angkor and essential in Cambodia where many people do not have access to medical care.

In March, another association called ‘Agir pour soulager la douleur’ (which means ‘Acting to relieve pain’) will also come to Artisans Angkor for two days in order to offer its services to our employees in hypnosis and alternative medicine.

 Official videos of Artisans Angkor Crafts workshops and Angkor Silk Farm.

Image video

Get a glimpse of the activities that take place daily in our crafts workshops in Siem Reap and our Angkor Silk Farm with those two official videos introducing Artisans Angkor’s two main sites: a first video showing different kind of craftsmanship, from stone carving to silk painting.

Click on the link below to discover or rediscover how our talented craftsmen and women give life by carving, painting or engraving, to astonishing works of art:

‘Introduction to Artisans Angkor’s craft workshops’

With this second video, get an overview of all the steps that give birth to smooth and shiny silk fabrics, from the silkworm farming to the silk weaving process.

‘Introduction to the Angkor Silk Farm in Cambodia’

Artisans Angkor decorates Le Safran La Suite Hotel.

Le-Safran-light-boxesAlong with its permanent collection, Artisans Angkor harnesses its expertise to make exclusive pieces for institutions and hospitality industries. At the beginning of this year, the classy Safran Suite Hotel in Phnom Penh called upon our artisans to add a final touch to its decoration.

As a result, Artisans Angkor conceived three unique pieces that now ornament the hotel premises: two light-boxes depicting a sophisticated tree leave which bears saffron colors that was handmade from buffalo skin, and majestic shutters which were finely carved in wood.

Blending traditional craftsmanship with contemporary designs and ideas, those special pieces are in line with Artisans Angkor’s evolution.

Please visit if you want more information about Le Safran La Suite.

Surprising performing shows for our artisans! 

February was a month full of surprises at Artisans Angkor! Indeed, our artisans were happy to receive the visit of two groups performing shows especially for them: two clowns doing a funny show tour in Asia stopped at one of our rural workshops, and one band of female dancers/drummers coming from Madagascar to do a Southeast-Asian tour of “Batucada” (drum concert) that came at the Angkor Silk Farm. What a way to start the new Chinese year!


Clowns do not exist in the Cambodian culture so when the artisans of our rural workshop gathered for the occasion in an empty space of the workshop discovered a woman and a man dressed up in clowns walking into the workshop, they could not believe their eyes.

During the whole clown show, the smile didn’t go off the artisans’ face. The poetic and funny performance also featured a musical part as the clowns played the harmonica, the clarinet and more unusual instruments like the didgeridoo and the shruti box – an Indian harmonium. Exclusively expressing themselves with their body, instruments and onomatopoeia, those artists found a way to overcome the barrier of language in order to share their passion and communicate with people no matter their nationality.

By coincidence the two clowns happened to be artisans specialists of stone and stained-glass. After twenty years of work in the craft sector, this French couple decided to have a break going on a road trip through Asia offering their show to charity and socially responsible organizations.

Batucada1A few days later, a different but as captivating show was awaiting the artisans. A band called Bloco Malagasy offered an amazingly energetic concert to the artisans of the Angkor Silk Farm. They beat the drums in a Brazilian style called Batucada, smiling, dancing, and mixing their own Malagasy culture with the Brazilian. This music gave dynamism to the whole audience, no matter their nationality.

Bloco Malagasy is a band of young girls coming from underprivileged neighborhoods of Madagascar, whose performance aims at raising awareness towards human rights (child rights, access to health, women empowerment) through cultural exchanges. The band belongs to Agua de Coco NGO ( that has been striving against child exploitation since 1997.

Like Artisans Angkor, Agua de Coco focuses on education as a major tool to help improving life conditions of local populations.

Combining poetry and solidarity, those two shows offered wonderful time to the artisans.

Japanese training on Artisans Angkor’s silk painting.


In December 2013, Artisans Angkor’s silk painters had the opportunity to meet Mr. Yamada, an expert in Japanese heritage restoration who is also a teacher at the Royal University of Fine Arts in Phnom Penh, spent a couple of days with them to share his experience in Japanese silk painting techniques.

Our artisans could improve their skills and also adding a Japanese touch in their work. Even though Artisans Angkor is specialized in the revitalization of Khmer craftsmanship, the artisans can always benefit from other Asian skills to perfect their art. Indeed, his teaching was really appreciated, especially for gold leaves application technique, which is already used by our craftswomen, but in another way… Mr. Yamada thus contributed to extend our artisans’ savoir-faire in silk painting.



Extension of Artisans Angkor’s shops at the airports.

logo AA PHN

After some renovation work, our shop in the international airport of Phnom Penh now benefits from 50% extension and our boutique at the domestic airport of Siem Reap has also been enlarged and embellished! When flying from Phnom Penh or Siem Reap, do not hesitate to have a  look at our totally renovated boutiques, it will be a nice way to make your waiting time more interesting. The shops now offer you a larger selection of pieces which were all handcrafted at Artisans Angkor’s workshops.

AIRPORT DOM REP shop 2The pieces that our artisans make vary from silk scarves and clothing to lacquer painting to quite imposing sculptures. Those space extensions therefore permit to showcase a larger panel of products that can be admired through our large windows.

Also, if you did not have time during your visit in Siem Reap or Phnom Penh to see Artisans Angkor’s showrooms, you can have an overview of the pieces we produce, from traditional to contemporary style. Think about it if you want to get some souvenirs truly made in Cambodia!

Award celebration for the sellers and guides of Artisans Angkor.

Award ceremony

Being a good seller or guide is not an easy job. Affability, patience, availability and subtlety are a non exhaustive list of qualities that a salesman or woman should have in order to excel in his or her work. That is why on February 20th, a ceremony dedicated to our guides and sellers was organized. It aimed at rewarding the best employees of the sales department for their good work during the past years.

award ceremony2

Considering the number of visitors of different nationalities coming to Artisans Angkor’s workshops and boutiques every day, the role of sellers and guides is essential. During the ceremony, each of the awardees was called on stage to receive a certificate of recognition underlining their outstanding performance.

Afterwards, the ceremony went on with the rewarding of employees who followed training from the Singaporean Centre in order to perfect their skills. People who passed the training also received a certificate. This event enabled to gather Artisans Angkor’s teams and to show that efforts are noticed and valued.

Get a genuine insight of Cambodia through the eyes of Artisans Angkor