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Launch of ceramic collection

Launch of ceramic collection

We are pleased to announce that the very first ceramic collection of Artisans Angkor has now been released. This new line of products features elegant tea and salt & pepper sets, stylish vases, amazingly cute lamps, candle holders and so on.

candle holder

Artisans Angkor recently started to revitalize this truly authentic Khmer craftsmanship that is ceramics. This craft has existed for thousands of years in Cambodia and was traditionally used by the Royal Family. This new expertise of Artisans Angkor enabled us to offer new trainings and employment opportunities to young rural people.


A workshop especially dedicated to ceramic was built by Artisans Angkor a few kilometers from Siem Reap downtown. It took about six months to be built and it takes into consideration our employees’ safety and well-being, notably by optimizing natural ventilation and lighting.



Ceramic is a new expertise at Artisans Angkor; therefore a training in that new skill had to be set up. Nine young Cambodians learned how to master the specificity of ceramic craftsmanship during six months.



This craftsmanship is now part of the guided tour offered in Artisans Angkor workshops. Come and learn about Khmer ceramic during your next trip in Siem Reap!


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