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“How to Manage your Budget” – Training Sessions for our Artisans

“How to Manage your Budget” – Training Sessions for our Artisans

IMG_9880It is not instinctive for everyone to know how to manage your money, whether you live in developed or developing countries. Most of the time, it’s the role of parents to give advice to their children for management of their pocket money and savings. Usually, the attitude towards money management also varies according to the education you received.

On this basis, Artisans Angkor came to the conclusion that to prevent our craftsmen and women from getting endless debts, it would be interesting to get a temporary partnership with a Cambodian financial institution which could make our artisans aware of the importance of knowing how to manage their personal budget.

Therefore, forty-five training sessions on that subject were held during the months of April and May 2013 in both our main sites in Siem Reap and at the Angkor Silk Farm. About 700 artisans voluntarily decided to attend those sessions – which of course were free of charge for them. They were given advice on the way to better handle their expenses in order to get savings, which are often useful during hard times. They also learned about the more complex process of credit granting.

The aim of these sessions is to give the opportunity to young (and less young) Cambodian people from the rural areas, who sometimes unfortunately received little education, the necessary skills to become more and more autonomous and thus, to feel more empowered.

Those kinds of sessions are part of Artisans Angkor’s social policy which consists in helping people help themselves in different areas of their working and personal lives. More than ever in this time of consumerism, knowing how to manage wisely your spending is a significant tool to move forward confidently in your life.



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