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Artisans Angkor decorates Siem Reap international airport’s extension

Artisans Angkor decorates Siem Reap international airport’s extension


Siem Reap Airport decorated with Bayon lacquered faceSiem Reap Airport decorated with sandstone Apsara dancer



What a great honor it was to be selected to decorate the extension areas of Siem Reap international airport!
This extension project was planned in anticipation of an increasingly high number of international visitors expected to come to Cambodia in the future.
If you happen to land at Siem Reap international airport, you will see three of our most impressive pieces:

-  An impressive lacquered sculpture depicting a serene smiling face similar to the famous face towers of the Bayon temple at Angkor,
-  A graceful Apsara, a celestial nymph and symbol of Cambodia, made from a single block of sandstone,
-  A mock‐up of Angkor Wat made of bronze which reproduces this great monument at a scale of 1:770.
On your way to leave Cambodia through Siem Reap airport? Let our long fresco painted in orange and ornamented with bronze say goodbye for us. This awe‐inspiring work of art, called “Travelling through times”, represents the evolution of means of transportation in Cambodia along with famous urban sceneries of Cambodia. Also, don’t miss the eleven sandstone statues located in the garden that face that fresco: nine of those statues are the exact reproduction of Kor Ker temples specimens!

Get a genuine insight of Cambodia through the eyes of Artisans Angkor